Accutrace S-10 Fuel Marker

Accutrace S10 –The Additive to End Diesel Laundering?

It had to happen. For years the Irish & UK Revenue Commissioners had tried different dyes; Solvent Yellow 124, Solvent Blue 19, Solvent Red 24 –all of them had one thing in common, chemicals of a similar nature and solid filters could be used to wash out the dyes making it difficult, if not impossible, for Customs & Excise to prosecute offenders.

So what did the various governments do? They set up a competition and invited suppliers of dyes to submit an additive that could be added to the Diesel Oil, be compatible with the fuel’s specification and be resistant to any attempts by the washers to remove it.Eventually, the Accutrace S10 molecular marker won the competition. Accutrace S10 is currently the champion of the Diesel world and is ready to take on all corners.
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The Accutrace S10 molecule looks like a regular molecule of the Diesel family –similar to many of the molecules around it with one big difference; it has been put there artificially with an additive injection, and its presence in Road Diesel oil signals illegal product and invites prosecution.
Our Chemists in Independent Laboratory Ltd. use the latest GC Mass Spectrometer technology to detect Accutrace S10 in Diesel Oil. This instrument has the capability to focus on the primary constituent ions of Accutrace S10. Once detected, the concentration can be determined by examining the strength of the characteristic peak.
As Ireland’s leading Oil Laboratory, we are the first to be able to offer this service to oil suppliers and consumers in Ireland. If you’re concerned about the quality of your Diesel, have some suspicions about the bone fide of your suppliers or would like technical advice give us a call on 012401373/4.