Fuel Analysis

Petrol, Kerosene, Diesel Analysis

We at Independent Laboratory Ltd. pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive range of oil analysis in Ireland. We offer all of our clients a fast, efficient, comprehensive and independent service.

We can test all petrochemical products for both quality and foreign contaminants including cross-product, water and bacteria using a variety of highly specialised equipment.

Water contamination leads to serious damage to a vehicle’s injector pumps and could potentially be the fault of the oil supplier, the garage or indeed the individual; we try to determine the source of the water and where possible to appropriate blame.

Equally, any cross over of new product can cause serious problems to engines.

Diesel washing has become commonplace, causing problems from many different perspectives. Chemicals are used to remove the dye, which can cause serious engine and corrosion problems. Water can be a by-product of the washing process which causes damage to injector pumps. Manufacturers will declare the warranty void if washed diesel was used in the vehicle. This leaves the owner to pursue the cost of repairs from the garage from where the diesel was purchased. It is a highly illegal practice and custom officials north and south of the border have radically increased roadside checks and prosecutions in recent times. It is therefore vital that fuels bought from an unknown or new source should be tested for quality and specifically for the presence of marker dye and sulphur content levels. The sulphur content level can not be reduced during the washing process and can be a clear indication of whether the fuel has been tampered with as well as residual dye left behind.

All tests are performed according to Institute of Petroleum guidelines and results compared to the EU, British and Irish Standards. To get more information on our Oil and Fuel Analysis services please contact us.

The range of fuels tested include:

  1. Petrol
  2. Kerosene
  3. Diesel
  4. Home Heating Oil/ Marked Gas Oil