Fuel Oil

Black Fuel Oils

Black fuel oil is used mainly in boilers and generators in large factories, manufacturing industries, hospitals and similar industries. It is vital that the correct oil be used for the particular boiler or generator. Parameters like water content and viscosity are important and can have a large effect of the combustion of the oil. It can be particularly important to make sure that the viscosity of the fuel received is the same as the viscosity of the fuel which was ordered.

Fuel Oil (Light/Medium/Heavy): Method:
Appearance: Visual
Density: IP 160
Flash Point: IP 34
Gross Calorific Value: Calculation
Kinematic Viscosity: IP 71
Net Calorific Value: Calculation
Sediment Content: ASTM D473
Stability Test: Visual
Sulphur Content: IP 336
Water Content: IP 74