Fire Investigation

In recent years, Independent Laboratory Ltd.’s Gas Chromatography department has developed a forensic fire debris analysis service.

We regularly assist fire investigators in their search for causes of fires. Fire debris is sampled and analysed in our laboratory to detect common fire accelerants such as hydrocarbon based fuels or solvents, which may be present in the sample ugg boots. The presence or absence, of such accelerants, can point the fire investigator in a certain direction and therefore is a very useful tool. The ability to detect the presence or absence of fire accelerants is a vital part of any investigation.

Our sampling methods from receipt of sample through analysis to the issuing of the final report have been developed in conjunction with consultants and qualified G.C. fire debris analysts and refined to give a professional method which can withstand cross examination in court.  For more information on our Fire Investigation and G.C. Analysis services please contact us.