Company Profile

Independent Laboratory Ltd began in the early 90’s as an Oil Quality Control Laboratory. Over the past number of years, it has gradually grown and diversified to provide laboratory services in the areas of Environmental, Water and Air analysis. Arson investigation is the latest addition to the range of analytical techniques.

Our particular service has been created and developed from general feedback and observations to culminate in an overall service which is viewed as fast, reliable and thorough by all of our clients. We feel personal contact and accessibility is vital in providing our customers with a clear understanding of the results of their analysis. Consequently, all our chemists are always available for consultation, by telephone or in person, on their analysis and final report.

Our service is tailor-made to the needs of each particular client from the private individual to the large multinational. We have the capability to undertake all aspects of the analysis, from initial sampling, through analysis to a final report, with added consultancy providing possible courses of action that the client may wish to follow. This package is all encompassing and is often not fully required by clients. We have no problem undertaking just a single aspect of any of the above.

With our extensive list of contacts, we do our utmost to put clients in contact with suitable businesses and service providers that will be able to solve any problems that analysis highlight.

Laboratory Manager – Gareth Curran 01-2401373

Oil Manager – Karl Taylor 01-2401374

Effluent Manager – Gareth Curran 01-2401373

Head of Gas Chromatography Laboratory – Gareth Curran 01 -2401373