While servicing of backup generators is no doubt an annual occurrence, it is as essentially important to analyse the actual diesel used as the fuel, to ensure that in an emergency the generator will be able to function properly. An electrical failure could result in serious operational problems and/or the loss of vital information.

Diesel has a shelf life and deteriorates over time due to any number of factors. Common sources of depreciation in quality include environmental ones such as moisture, bacteria and rust and also chemical ones, like additives that are introduced during the refining process, falling out of solution, leaving the diesel susceptible to wax forming during cold weather.

Independent Laboratory Ltd currently analyse generator diesel for numerous clients predominantly in the Healthcare and Information Technology sectors where an electrical failure would be tantamount to a disaster. Our service includes sampling, analysing and consultancy on the condition and hence suitability of the diesel for continued use. If our service is something you are interested in or require further details of, please contact us directly in the laboratory on 01-2401373/4 or through our website to request further information.