For the past number of years, Effluent discharge licences and I.P.P.C. licences have been issued by both the local government authorities (Corporation and County Councils) and the E.P.A. respectively.

The purpose of these licenses is to improve the quality of effluent being discharged into the country’s drains, thereby reducing the costs to the local authorities in treating the water and also making businesses more environmentally aware.

We offer each of our clients a tailor-made service. We consult with each client on an individual basis to determine their specific needs. Most clients are unaware that there are usually many options open to them to alter the nature and volume of the effluent produced and in so doing reduce their annual fees payable to the licensing authority. Some, particularly those with an environmental manager, may simply require regular analysis; others may wish us to take complete control of their effluent analysis, from applying for the licence and liaising with the licensers to offering practical advice if any of the licence limits are not met.

We employ a trained sampler for those who wish to have their sample taken. We also welcome samples delivered directly into the laboratory for analysis.

While we offer a fast, efficient and thorough service, we feel our particular strengths lie in our approachability. All of our laboratory staff are qualified chemists and should be able to deal with queries quickly over the phone.  For more information on our Effluent Analysis Services please contact us.